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What Bee or Wasp is causing you a problem?

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Common & German Wasps

These are the most common wasps found in the UK.

They can be identified by their yellow & black body with markings varying according to species.

European Hornet

The European Hornet can be identified by their orange abdomen and brown stripes.


Bees are a valuable part of our ecosystem. See our list below of the most common species found in the UK.

Bumble Bee

Bumble bees are larger and hairier than honey bees. Dark coloured except for their stripes which are golden in colour and their tail colour which can vary in UK species.

Honey Bee

Honey bees are similar in size to wasps but have more fur an are mostly black.

Mason Bee

Mason bees are completely harmless, not aggressive and will not attack humans.

Solitary Bee

Solitary bees are similar in appearance to honey bees. They are not aggressive and they don’t swarm.